Teglia looks like a combination of Bauhaus design and Sleeping Beauty's castle kitchen. It can be used as a baking tray and a tray to serve breakfast in bed with. Each tray is unique and handmade by  a northern Spanish company for over a century.

Teglia is made of carbon steel too and needs to be kept dry.

After use they should be dried well and treated with olive oil like paella pans, otherwise they get rust.


Available in three sizes:

20 x 25 cm, 510 grams,

34 x 25 cm, 790 grams, and

42 x 32 cm, 1240 grams. 


Ideal for snacks from the oven.


Quality and versatility in three sizes.

A tray with character and patina.

Small imperfections are the result of the craftsmanship of the product entirely handmade.

22,00 €

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